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This site is about building functional, lightweight and fast websites. The Internet has become a giant energy consumer and a polluter, consuming and polluting more than air traffic, according to some sources. This is primarily due to the way we have shaped it. What started as a new and brilliant system for worldwide communication and knowledge transfer, changed its form in a few decades to become primarily a worldwide shopping center, where the shop windows (websites) gradually became more important than the product. To present something "attractively, following the current trends" on the net, you'll need about ten times more Watt power than you needed five years ago for saying the exact same thing.

The emperor's new clothes


Who dares to look at the essence of many modern websites, will often be shocked by the lack of content. Screens are filled with ummm..."attractive" images, columns that are not much more than some oversized Fontawesome icons with some short blah-blah text beneath them. To adjust the site to our assumed short attention span, video backgrounds and maxi-carousels are added. The result is a visual "feast" with very little real content. Nowadays a website builder is called a designer or front end developer... He pastes some Lorem ipsum into the few text areas and delivers his dazzling multi column site to an impressed customer. What is remarkable is that no one dares to talk about the expensive emperor's clothes...

The fun factor...


These happy young people are all passionate about the development of your site. They work as a team of mixed gender, mixed race and they are all six ecstatic about the site they're building as a group. Our photographer caught just a glimpse of the enthusiasm they feel for their team work

What could possibly be wrong here? Well, that's not the way websites are build in reality. From what I've seen most professional website builders are alone, male and pale whites and they would not exist without coffee, stress and thick reading glasses. But the image above is the image the industry wants us to believe.

This website will explore ways how to get the creative fun back again...

Mobile first?

At this moment, winter 2020-21, mobile phones are already responsible for 2/3 of all internet traffic, making the question 'mobile first?' a no-brainer. With their narrow screens smart phones can only handle one 'column' at a time, in a way making the whole traditional 'breakpoints' multi-column and complicated web design approach redundant. Something in me says hurrah...And I know I'm not alone. I've met many people, both old and young, who were fed up with the "circus" aspect of the 'modern' internet, with its tendency to overwhelm the readers with stuff that readers never asked for.

! A game: Find the "eggheart.webp" image...

The other two are .jpeg (the Webp image was saved "Bad quality" on purpose)

ei ei ei

I honestly do not see any difference between the two formats...But your eyesight might be better ;)

The Jpeg is 17.7kb ( Now 11.4 kb, after compressing the .jpeg)

The Webp is 4.6kb!

As far as I know better compression than webp doesn't exist at the moment (2021).

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