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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler" Albert Einstein.

Why do so many people tend to complicate things? Sometimes it feels like no one else likes simplicity, too busy making life more complicated. If only I could find a good reason for this adoration of complexity. Maybe it is just fear of being nothing: you are nothing, unless you can point at something impressively complicated and say: "I made that." That is something I can understand, nobody likes being nothing.

What's more, making things more and more complex can quickly become a full time job, in other words a clever way to "carve out an existence", in a cruel money-based civilization. If humans would have organized society like other animals do, no one would have been forced to pay for housing, education or food. As it is now, it literally pays to master your field of complexity better than your colleagues do.

But, you protest, without ever growing levels of complexity, we would still be writing on papyrus or parchment scrolls...I totally agree, we should not go back to old ways of doing things, certainly not for the sake of simplicity! There is much to enjoy in the countless technologies that arose as a result of natural evolution and human creativity. Most of the time I feel grateful for the times we are living in. The point I am trying to make is that complexity as a goal, or even worse as a weapon is unlikely to exist in a sane society.

The simplicity I am talking about in the context of the web, is about liberating ourselves. Throw out everything we once bought as so-called indispensable equipment, forget the years we've spend trying to keep heavy blog systems and CMS's alive and updated, forget the ever-lurking vulnerabilities and data-leaks. It's time to relax and enjoy ourselves again. And free the internet too, making it finally simply human.