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Sylvain Kerkour's yesterday newsletter ( this post) is a jewel, again, a brilliant analysis of why we all tend to overthink. Sylvain Kerkour is a programmer, so I usually don't understand half of what he's writing. His audience must be mainly programmer-colleagues, to whom rust is not the end-phase of iron, but a promising coding language.

I discovered Sylvain's work, while searching for people who were thinking in the same direction as me about the web and its sites. This article was -and is!- an eye-opener and made me a devote Kerkour reader.
But it gets even better: in yesterday's post on overthinking he links to
The Tao of Go surfing
an essay by John Arundel of Bitfield Consulting.
Go is another programming language, but be prepared for some surprises! While the article centers around programming, it is just as well a very readable philosophical treatise on Tao, kindness, simplicity and humility. It's tempting to quote parts of the article here, but there are just too many great sentences and paragraphs. So just one, the opening quote:

You can make buffalo go anywhere, just so long as they want to go there.
—Jerry Weinberg, “Secrets of Consulting”

A planet undoomed

Olla is my modest contribution towards a friendlier, more humane, less money-driven world. It was a joy to create, but at the same time, I often wondered if I wasn't just wasting my time, formulating an answer to a question that was never asked. It also felt like a futile project, given the rather dark clouds of fear, spreading around and infecting the globe at the moment. In short: it felt lonely here.
But Not Any Longer! I see a growing number of creative, talented people, speaking from their... heart, soul, belly ( whatever you prefer ...). People like Sylvain Kerkour, John Arundel, Kyle Drake, and all the wonderful wizards creating the IPFS. It feels like all of them came here equipped with better genes and freer minds.

No need to fight, just playfully and honestly create a parallel world together.
Let's declare this planet undoomed.