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This is so nice: just discovered Atom has a package called 'Atom tag wrapper', which wraps tags around a selection. It is utterly simple: just select a word or some text and hit Alt + Shift + W. (or use the menu button in 'Packages') This wraps the selection in <p> and </p>.

Best to show a short gif:

Not the best gif I ever made... but it shows what a great little tool this wrapper is. When building Olla, I thought about Olla not being ideal for people who write their raw text first and then return to it later to add the style elements.

This is now solved. Another reason to love Atom ;) But don't worry if you are using another editor. From what I read many of the big names in editor land, have a similar package available.

And let's not forget: Emmet has a very impressive tag wrapper available, letting you wrap with abbreviations.

Bye for now.

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