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Wrap in tag - part2*

I am really* enjoying this tag wrapper. In fact, I am having so much fun that I decided to write a whole* blog post using nothing else. No Emmet, no Olla, no markdown, no hand-written tags, just the tag wrapper and me...*

Let's start*

But didn't we already?*

Yes, we did. But to be honest the template for this blog page came from Olla's oneclick CopyQ templates' tab.*

Playing with the tag wrapper started with the heading 'Wrap in tag - part2' *

A span exists because it can. *
But don't get me started on divs! *
There's a link between all of us *

for the link I had to manually add the href="".

EDIT-24 Nov:

Hmm, should have practised a little more before writing this last sentence...

Strangely enough, the tag wrapper also pastes ' href="" ' behind the closing tag </a>. Not a big deal to correct it:

For images I start with a dot to have something to select:

Here too, the closing tag needs some pruning..

( I have temporarilly changed the Atom theme to Atom Light. The gif-maker utility ('Peek') was struggling showing the dark theme)


I've shown bold and italics above, but how about 'strong' and 'emphasis'?

That is the strongest * smelling cheese on earth. *

I would not emphazise * that too much! *

But where exactly did he say so?

Read more carefully please: *

"No stench will ever be stronger than from this 10 year old Camenbert" *

what is essential to take with you on a holiday trip? *

Here I had to help a bit by adding the <li> tags manually..

EDIT-24 Nov: Again, had better tested a little more before writing last setence.

(result at bottom of this page)

For the sake of completeness, it is of course the same for Ordered Lists:

  1. Money
  2. Money
  3. More Money *

Time for a rule! a horizontal one please..*.

I would very much like to mark...*
but I told you I wasn't sure at all! *

Let's add an abbreviation:

Bert *

That's it for now, I hope I've infected you with the Tag Wrapper Virus!

*** 🔼