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Wrapping around nothing

Last two posts were about the Atom Tag Wrapper... my enthusiasm for it was obvious I guess...

It is not my habit to write about something, before I've really gotten to know it well, but here I could't resist. Now, I've discovered another nice quality of this wrapper. In fact I woke up with an idea: what if I use the Atom wrapper before writing any content. You might remember in the former post I choose a dot "to have something to wrap around" Turns out that is unneccecary.

So, the Atom tag wrapper is able to wrap around nothing... this also means Atom now becomes a complete and versatile "shorthand" editor. I still think Olla is easier and faster, but that could be because i'm so accustomed to it.

Time will tell they say. At the very least the wrapper is a very nice addition to the html writing toolbox.