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Removing Pinterest

...from your life

Today it's Sunday, so I'll try to be polite...
Whenever I do a search for something with the search engine, I tend to look up the pictures about the subject as well. One of my current interests for example is "no-knead-bread". If a particular loaf looks lovely and tasty, I'm inclined to read the article/recipe the image belongs to...

Over time I discovered more and more images coming from Pinterest. I promised to be polite...so I'll just state that I do not like Pinterest. At all. I started to look for a way to block them, which proved not to be so simple. Here's an article from 2018 echoing my feelings and offering some possible solutions. The Firefox add-on 'unpinterest' didn't work for me either.

Adding the proposed -www.pinterest.comto your search seems to work reliably. I only tested it a couple of times. I have been using a similar one: -site:pinterest.com for many weeks now and never had any problem.

But it's a nuissance to remember and type it for every search. Luckily I found a way to make this easier...remember CopyQ, part of Olla? I just added a new tab:

Halleluyah 😎