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Removing Pinterest ~ part 2

After finishing and uploading my yesterday post I started to think about it again. I was wondering if there wasn't a better solution than mine? Is there anything people can do who do not have CopyQ installed?

Today, while searching I discovered there exists a kind of software that was new to me: "Expanders". A lot like the Atom "snippets", expanders allow you to type an abbreviation and out comes a complete text, a piece of code , a default email page, etc..Expander programs are quite popular in business, where often standard texts or correspondence have to be produced over and over.

There are plenty of expander programs available, but I particularly liked the free open source espanso. It is cross-platform (windows, mac, linux).
But as I wanted to use the expander in the browser address bar, I had to find a Firefox extention able to do that...and I did: "Auto Text Expander", which is also available for Chrome. (It was originally a Chrome add-on)

First thing I did was testing it to see if it works. I typed "people" in the address/search bar and hit Enter. Sure enough the images shown by my search engine DuckDuckGo were partly from Pinterest. I then appended -p to "people"and yes! all Pinterest images were gone. Here's a screenshot of the "database administration" 😆 :

text expander

I am certain this is going to be very useful. Eager to hear your experience and verdict.