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Experimenting with Comments

I have a lot of good friends. How do I know? Well, whatever I plan or undertake, they either keep silent or whisper suggestions in a way only good friends can do: " Maybe we should look into the possibility to add a comments section to your blog? Not that it isn't great as it is already, but, you see, in the nineties a contact form was wow. Nowadays nobody uses it anymore. No, we're not saying you're getting older, it's just that technology keeps getting younger..."

So here we go, after reading about commenting systems for static sites, I finally chose Cactus Comments. We'll see how it goes.

I have enabled it starting from post "Olla 2.0", two posts ago. It's just an experiment, if it causes more problems than I can cope with, I will terminate it. But I must say I'm really looking forward to some nice exchange of ideas!

Cactus Comments