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Bye-bye Raspberry pi

I have decided to stop using the Rpi 400...Before I bought it I read all that I could find and became very excited about it. If the Raspberry pi 400 is unknown to you, here's a good introduction. A personal computer able to do everything you would expect from a pc, while consuming less than a led lightbulb! I also immediatily loved the cute form factor. In my featherweb world, it ticked all the boxes I could think of. With its ultralow power usage, it could be easily run from a small battery, fed by a backpacker's tiny solar panel.

It was articles like this one that finally persuaded me to buy a Rpi 400. Like a small boy, I was counting the days to its delivery...What followed was weeks of testing, getting to know both hardware and software and a Bert thrilled with his new toy. It was totally amazing such a low-power single board was able to do so much.

But then, ever so slowly, clouds began to gather. It could indeed do just about anything a "normal" computer can, but at a noticebly slower pace. Early on in my Rpi 400 adventure, I had decided to treat it gently and accept its slower behaviour. I told myself it would help me staying calm... That's when my infidelity started...I began to fire up my trusted linux pc in parallel, to get a breath of much needed fresh air and snappiness. Instead of helping me staying calm, the Rpi 400 was starting to raise my blood pressure, by the time it took to open a web page or by the shadows created when dragging a window across the screen. The problem to come to a conclusion pro or contra the Raspberry pi 400 was that everything worked as promised, but not much worked as I had secretly hoped...

I'm telling you all this for two reasons:

  1. If you love the 'lightness' of snappy performance, do not buy a Rpi 400
  2. Thanks to the Raspberry pi I created Olla. That was € 100,- well spent! The future is eagerly waiting. 😎