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Simple Linkifier

I've written about links before. I still use the Lovable Links setup daily for my browser home page, temporary links page and my recipes page. I love it, because it does not require any brain activity and there is very little that could go wrong.

Except if you are in my position, a slowly maturing male, who's trying not to worry about his diminishing eye-sight. Copy/pasting accurately has become an adventure... I dare not count the times I copied too much or pasted too little, resulting in a very creative bolognese, but not a useful link.

So I started looking for a better solution. If there's one thing I learned from a year of Featherweb, it's this: don't start trying to 'code' your own solution, have a long look first at what others have been creating. So I looked at a long list of projects that call themselves Linkifiers. I stared at the Javascript and had often no idea what they were doing, often even did not understand how to install the scripts... but then I found Simple Linkifier on Github. It was the most ugly UI I had ever seen, but I understood every line of its code!

So I started to play and make it more acceptable in my view. It's a humble project, only doing one thing. But in my testing it does so reliably.

Here's a screenshot of my version of Simple Linkifier:


If you would like to have a look at it, here's the download: Linkifier

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