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New Colors, less horrible hopefully...

Just a quick note: I changed the colors blue, green and orange in the theme switcher. Old color to the left, new color to the right:

_ _ _

Easier on the eyes...that was my intention.

[Ă‹dit :17/07/2022] It's funny that these colors have names that computers understand. RoyalBlue, SeaGreen, LightSalmon 1... I often use color names for simple colors like "blue, green, orange or paleblue, palegreen or paleorange, when I am too lazy to look up the color hex. Here's a nice page showing 140 websafe colors that can be entered as names all modern browsers understand: w3schools-color-names.
BlanchedAlmond, Honeydew, LightGoldenRodYellow, Moccasin, NavajoWhite anyone? ;)

The new colors are in the downloadable colors.css stylesheet. That's a fake zip file: just remove .zip

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