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Olla 2.5... an open, multiple-choice road-map

Lots of things are happening or are about to happen, making these months exciting times. It feels as if now is the time to start seeing the ripening fruits of our collective saying NO, collective despair and the collective power of our creative dreams.

To stay on topic, here's a proposed open road-map for Olla 2.5:

The good people in the Geany Mailing list

helped me to see how to enjoy Geany snippets without getting angry or frustrated. Geany is quite exceptional in offering multiple cursor positions in an expanded snippet. To walk to these cursor positions ("Move cursor inside snippet"), you need to build a key-binding once and use that instead of the mouse to go from a cursor positon to the next. I chose 'Ctrl + Tab' and that solved it: I no longer have to go back and remove the underscore that represents the cursor position.

Two recent addiitions to the Geany snippets

date + Tab : 2022-07-20

alph + Tab :


Espanso: a cross-platform open-source expander


Espanso is like snippets-on-steroids. It is cross-platform (win, linux, mac) and open source. The most important thing, compared to for example the Geany snippets, is that it works "system-wide", not just in one editor. Whether you're working in an office suite, writing an email , a blog post or a love letter, Espanso is there to help you. You can build your own snippets, but you can also install 'packages' for subjects you're interested in. I installed the Lorem and the html-utils package. One thing to keep in mind: read the docs before installing... On my second try I did and it started working. But the next day it was impossible to run... reading the Espanso forums, I saw many messages from people who had exactly my experience.
Again Appimage came to the rescue. I now have a reliable Espanso and after some cursing , I am now all smiles and very happy to have discovered Espanso.

the snippet ('trigger') in Espanso is written like this: :date and the result is 20/07/2022

The html-utils triggers start with two colons instead of one. The html-utils only offers a limited amount of triggers. I added my choice of snippets. The result is that I now have about 70 snippets to choose from. To write a new snippet you have to write a new "match", not at all difficult, but it has to be a precise .yml (yaml) format. Just copy/paste an existing one and adjust it.

Here's my version of html-utils. I tried to be very careful, but can not guarantee it. Let me know if you find a problem and I'll correct it.

I experimented and made my Espanso html snippets in a slightly chaotic text file in Mousepad and added annotations afterwards. I think it explains it all...Downloadable here.

let's start a list of potential editor candidates

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