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Aug 20, 2022

When is it too hot to blog?

Blogging does not look like a sweat-producing activity. The problem is, you have to do some thinking in order to be able to write something. So the question becomes: When is it too hot to think? Where I live, like in many places, last month has been an uninterrupted heatwave. Lawns turning yellow-brown, like hay. Trees and shrubs yellowing and loosing lots of foliage. In a nearby park, you can wade through fallen leaves, making typical autumn sounds with your feet. But it's August, and you're wearing as little garments as is allowed in public.

So, was it simply too hot to think? Absolutely yes. But there is more to it. Because of the ever falling water levels, many of us were forced to find one of those scarce shady spots and accept the beverages on offer, mainly cooled beer. And that in itself opened new perspectives, new ways of being in a miniature promised land. But it did not really produce a creative anything.

It has been a month exactly since my last post. I don't know who can see my statistics on Neocities. If you do, don't believe it! It says last update was a week ago and that I had 778 updates to the site until now, but that's mostly correcting late-night-stupidities and correcting typos, when I forgot to use the spellcheck again.. .Wish Neocities had a way to differentiate between real updates and repairing glitches.

But I did something these days!

I implemented the choice to get all webpages in Featherweb in 'light' or 'dark' theme. Yes, only two 'colors'. The blog posts though, keep their seven colors to choose from. And just like with the blog posts, your choice of 'Light'/'Dark' will be remembered for next site visit, using LocalStorage.

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