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Sep 02, 2022

This week, Featherweb ruffled my feathers,

but featherweb.xyz was born!

It all started normally. I was going to update my operating system. A task I had performed many times. I made some backups, then emptied the hard disk partitions to make space for the fresh MX-linux. All went well, until I suddenly realized I had also wiped my password manager.

No problem, I thought...I just ask for a new password or a password recovery token, where needed. I learned the saddening way, that it's not because you ask something on the net, that a reply will follow. After retrying several times over several days, I had to conclude that I had lost access to "featherweb.neocities.org" It's still there, as a frozen archive, which can no longer be updated and maintainted. Not even removed.

Lessons learned:

So I started anew with the website, creating "featherweb2.neocities.org" and uploading to it. As Bitwarden had successfully protected all log-ins I had added so far, I felt confident it had protected Featherweb too. BUT, it hadn't! I closed the computer and went to bed, almost crying --- some boys almost cry ;)

Next morning my brain had partly returned. While sipping my first coffee, I saw an envelope lying under the desk. My brain and I jumped up, into a higher gear. I grabbed that envelope and there, on its back, were my new passwords, jotted down quickly, "just in case". Suffice to say, coffee should always taste that good!

I logged out and back in, several times in a row, just for the joy of seeing it working correctly. Then I looked at the new name: "featherweb2.neocities.org". It didn't look and feel right. As if its visitors had all missed part 1. That's when I remembered my vague plan to give the site its own domain. I had always thought of it as "to do, somewhere in the future".

The future is here now:   featherweb.xyz

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