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Sep 08, 2022

A pseudo modal

Trying to get rid of tooltips, I've been reading a lot about them and about the possible alternatives. What is often repeated is that tooltips are just a way of hiding content. In other words: rethink your way of writing and presenting. Already in 2018, Heydon Pickering wrote a brilliant (as usual) article: Your tooltips are bogus. It gets somewhat too technical for me towards the end, but it opened my eyes, hmm... four years later.

In my last blog post, I managed to get the "details/summery" combo working, a "toggletip" to show or hide content. I very much liked this grassroots and svelte implementation and I started trying to rape restructure it. I could see this mechanism as the base for simple modals, sort of. Hours passed quickly, just playing.

Codepen to the rescue

But it wasn't until after a marathon web search, that I found this somewhat hidden jewel. From there on, we galloped towards the finish line! I simplified it and then, I simplified it some more, until it stopped working again ;) After another long search, this time Stackoverflow showed mercy with this pseudo developer: Hide arrow in <details>. What surprised me was that the original question was asked ELEVEN years ago. Wow, that's when I was still an adult!

Enough talk! Just show it.


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Hard to believe it can be this simple and fool-proof...

Just try it 😀

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