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all built-in tags

and then some more...

In the early days of the near future, a young man was standing on the beach. The tide was low and all he could think of was how she smiled at him one last time and then suddenly left.

"Who am I, who am I?" he asked the sea.
"I am the ever moving body of salt, water and fish. Never do I move." replied the sea, like all seas incapable of knowing there could be more than one I.

Am I just a paragraph then, he wondered, or even only a fleeting part of a sentence? While pondering his life span, a bigger than average wave swallowed his calves and that's when he remembered her name: Olla!
"She must be either Scandinavian or Spanish, or born in some mystical place, like Montenegro maybe." That's when he realized how deeply he had fallen in love. He attempted to list all of her virtues, but it became a very unordered list:

And that's also the moment he asked permission to leave this story. Seeing his predicament, permission was granted reluctantly unconditionally. A line was drawn, a chapter closed:


You might have noticed I added a "title/tooltip" to the audio tag. It now looks like this:

<audio controls title=""><source src=""><type="audio/mpeg"></audio>

And the way I show html code like the above line, is by using the

tag (sort of short for 'example'...), deprecated over ten years ago, but still so handy and silently still accepted by all browsers...The alternative with <pre> and <code> and using '&lt;' and '&gt;'

instead of the angle brackets does not feel right for this lazy rebel ...
EDIT Nov.2021 starting with Firefox 94, for me this xmp trick no longer works. It shows its ugly javascript innards to the site visitor...Oh well, it was nice knowing you...


Trying to explain, Static Forms says:

Is this service free to use? Yes it is free to use. But account will be blocked if we detect any misuse of the service Do you store data submitted through my form? Form data that you send to us is forwarded to your email. We don't store any data from your forms. Is my information email secure with you? Yes, we will not share your information with anyone. We use your email to send data submitted from your form to your email. We may contact you if required to inform you against any updates to the service. Why is it free? What's the catch? StaticFroms is developed using serverless stack so the cost is almost nill if not free. We use Zeit (Now) for front end and AWS serverless stack for backend. We also have support from our sponsor Qualascend :) We don't store your emails. Emails are sent via Amazon SES. Please review our Privacy Policy. © Copyright Static Forms 2021 - All Rights Reserved. Developed by @hussainanjar.


Abbreviations: Just imagine what happens when

a new idea

appears in your mind for the first time!


A html comment lives in the source code and does not become visible to the site visitor. Especially for you, we make an exception here:

<!-- I love Olla... -->



I almost forgot video... This is just the "normal way", nothing to do with Olla, just pasting the embed code from the video provider. The video tag in the Olla list of tags can be useful for showing anything that becomes difficult to describe in words and still images, like I did in the Olla documentation:


Rows and columns: ungrid

Two columns with a gutter. This is Olla btw ...

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